When you take your car or SUV for a drive around town, you have the luxury of your senses - primarily vision - to react to the environment around you. Your brain processes the information to determine how to react to the environmental conditions. And through your hands and legs you can control the vehicle. You also have a map or prior knowledge to guide you in the direction you need to travel.

For a vehicle to be able to drive by itself, it needs its own senses, brain, control and guidance to perceive and react to the environment around the vehicle. This is done with our Sensor Systems, Computation System, Actuation System and Navigation System.

Flying Fox uses recent advances in the field of neuroscience to enable adaptive learning in the off-road environment. This means that the human will teach the vehicle how to steer, through weeks of training sessions, to enable the same kind of adept maneuvers that animals exhibit.

While early attempts at creating unmanned systems use pre-programmed rules, this kind of technique does not work very well because it is difficult to know beforehand the unlimited terrain types and obstacles that the vehicle will encounter. In contrast, Flying Fox is only limited by the amount of time that the human can spend training the system.