Autonomous Vehicle Systems develops advanced sensor systems for use in autonomous vehicles.

Our sensor systems work in various ranges of electromagnetic spectrum to provide the "eyes" and "ears" for autonomous ground vehicles. We also develop a modular software system that allows sensors to be added or removed as the customer or mission requires.

Some of the sensor systems we utilize:


We have teamed with one of our partners to develop a high speed parallel processing system for adaptive vision processing. This system provides vision processing at speeds only recently available.


Recent developments in mm-wave RADAR scanning will make this a promising technology in the near future for collision avoidance, especially when the environment is obscured with smoke, dust, and weather.


LAser Detection And Ranging or LIght Detection And R anging utilizes laser light to detect the distance to objects similar to a RADAR system.

Vehicle Sensors

Other sensors attached to the vehicle are also used to provide feedback as to the vehicle state or health. Traditionally these sensors are the same as would be located on a driver console or dashboard. Odometer, engine temperature, oil pressure, battery & fuel levels are just some of the information we monitor.