DARPA Grand Challenge 2005

The following is from the DARPA Grand Challenge web site:

DARPA Grand Challenge
Created in response to a Congressional and DoD mandate, DARPA Grand Challenge is intended to accelerate research and development in autonomous ground vehicles that will help save American lives on the battlefield.  The Grand Challenge brings together individuals and organizations from industry, the R&D community, government, the armed services, academia, students, backyard inventors, and automotive enthusiasts in the pursuit of a technological challenge.


 March 11, 2005

 Application Deadline (CLOSED)

 April 4, 2005

 Site Visit Announcement

 June 1, 2005

 Semi-Finalist Announcement*

 Sept. 27-Oct. 6, 2005 

 National Qualification Event
 California Speedway (Fontana, California)

 October 8, 2005

 Grand Challenge Event*

*The location of the event and the semi-finalists will be announced on or after June 1, 2005.

The First Grand Challenge:  Across the Mojave
The 2004 Grand Challenge field test of autonomous ground vehicles ran from Barstow, California to Primm, Nevada offered a $1 million prize.  From the qualifying round at the California Speedway, 15 finalists emerged to attempt the Grand Challenge.  However, the prize went unclaimed as no vehicles were able to complete the difficult desert route.

The Next Grand Challenge
The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge will be held on October 8, 2005 in the desert Southwest.  The team that develops an autonomous ground vehicle that finishes the designated route most quickly within 10 hours will receive $2 million.  The route will be no more than 175 miles over desert terrain featuring natural and man-made obstacles.  The exact route will not be revealed until two hours before the event begins.  Detailed information can be found in the rules.