The brains of our vehicle is our VAMPIRE (Vehicle Autonomous Management Processors In Real-time Environments) system. This system consists of 9 high speed processors interconnected by the fastest network system available today. Each processor concentrates on a certain task, whether it be processing sensor data, path planning, or making the vehicle move.

Autonomous Vehicle Systems develops it's own proprietary autonomous vehicle software to handle a majority of the tasks. All of this runs real-time on our high speed VAMPIRE processor.

Autonomous Vehicle Systems also has developed a BATS (Base Autonomous Test System) for use in monitoring the autonomous vehicle. The BATS can be used to monitor the health of any component of the vehicle, provide live feedback from the system sensors, as well as provide remote operation of the vehicle by a human driver when in ROVer (Remote Operated Vehicle) mode.


The BATS system also acts as a safety system during vehicle testing. If the telemetry data link between VAMPIRE and BATS is ever interrupted, the vehicle performs an emergency stop (E-stop), and will not continue until the link is re-established.