Flying Fox

Our vehicle platform for the DARPA Grand Challenge is a 1987 USMC HMMWV named Flying Fox. This platform has been the workhorse for the US military for many years. By adapting an autonomous system to this demonstration vehicle, we plan to develop a cost effective approach to enhance existing military vehicles.

Pacific Performance Engineering purchased two surplus HMMWVs in 2001. The PPE team completely rebuilt both vehicles. One was sold the Placentia  Police Department for the DARE program. The other was kept by the owner of PPE for personal off-road use. It has been used extensively off-road for the last two years and has performed flawlessly. This is the vehicle being modified for autonomous operation.

Though the vehicle will be modified for use in the Grand Challenge, the final system will not look drastically different from the photos here. Sensors will be mounted externally to the vehicle, however they will not be placed in a way to impede the vehicle's existing capabilities or hinder human operation.

HMMWV Specifications

Stock Vehicle
With Autonomous
System Installed
Length (in.) 184.5 <200.0
Width (in.) 86.5 86.5
Height (in.) 77.0 <90.0
Ground Clearance (in) 16 15
Turning Radius (ft) 25.5 25.5
Fording Depth (in) 30 30
Approach Angle front/back () 72/37.5 72/37.5
Terrain Capability: Grade/Side Slope (%) 60/40 60/40
Weight (lb) 5,200 <6,000
Horsepower 160 N/A
Electrical 24V, 60 amp 24V, 300 amp
Fuel Capacity (gal) 25 40